Description Othello (Reversi) game with adjustable computer look ahead logic.
Status Complete - Production.
Audience Game players.
License GNU General Purpose License (GPL).
Operating System OS Independent.
Language Java 2 Runtime.
Topic Silly time waster.
Sample Screenshot
The game is played against the computer with the two players alternating turns. You place the white pieces and the computer places the black pieces. You always go first.
Players can only play a piece on an empty cell where the background highlights when you run your mouse over it.
To start the program, click the button below:
Java Web Start
The program, its source, and the Ant build.xml file are all in desdemona.jar.  Jar files have the same format as ZIP archives: you can extract the source with winzip or other zip utility.  You may need to change the extension to "zip" before opening it.  If you have any suggestions for features or bugs to report, please contact me.