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A Trusting Fairy

Katie lost one of her three loose teeth. It is somewhere in the family room. We ahve no idea. But if Marissa could get away with it, Katie thought she’d try the promissory note too:


She will resent me later on because of this

Taking Claire to daycare the learning center today, we passed a few Canada Geese in front of a nursing home… Claire: “‘Not one’ goose is ‘geese.’” Me, giving positive reinforcement to her understanding of irregular plurals: “Why, yes!” I continue driving… Claire: “What is a baby goose called?” Me, relishing in this teaching moment: “A […]


Jasmine, Lemon, Guarana and … Pepperoni

If Claire has been an especially adventuresome at daycare the learning center, we wipe her down at night before sending her off to bed. More specifically, Chris tells me to prepare a warm, soapy washcloth and she washes Claire’s face and hands. I’m really good at this trivial task. I soak the washcloth in really […]


Needling Me

The wrong place to put a cactus plant? In the kitchen, three inches directly below a light switch.


Partly cloudy with a chance of vegetables

When you are in the bathtub with your Dora the Explorer pail and fill it up half full with water then stir the water vigorously in a circular motion until a funnel appears, this weather-like phenomenon is called a “tomato.” So says my daughter Claire.


Callous Comment

Katie had homework tonight. It was the start of a measuring unit in the math book. She had to write down objects that you use to measure things. Katie wrote down, in her meticulous handwriting, “R-U-L-E-R.” Chris suggested “Measuring Cup.” That was a little harder for Katie to spell. Next was “Tire Gauge.” My wife […]


Best Buddies

Unlike her older sisters, Claire has a thing for soda. While it is strictly milk or juice at mealtimes, but she will try to steal a swig from an open can when she spots one. As she cannot open a soda can with her three-year-old fingers, she will occasionally fetch a can from the fridge […]


“Pawprints will dance on our hearts forever”

I mentioned last September that BamBam had cancer would eventually need to be put to sleep. Well today that time had come. The growth on the back of his neck had grown to the side of his head and, over the past few days, it had started having open sores. After dinner, we had a […]


Promissory Note

The Tooth Fairy fell for this last night: Perhaps she could help pay for college if she put this note under her pillow every night.


And an almost prosperous 2006

Last week at school, the kids in Marissa’s class made door hanger gifts for their parents. Marissa stickered this and the teacher lettered it. Is she wishing me a joyous impending new year? Or only a partially satisfying one?


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