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Help cure cancer and writer’s cramp

Chris has finally recovered from her knee surgery; Marissa is finishing up her sophomore year in Rochester with a double major in Brain & Cognitive Science and Psycholinguistics. Kaitlin is earning her Nurses Aide certification, and Claire is switching back to volleyball after a winter as a gymnast. My major goals for the year are to pass a kidney stone and to ride in Pelotonia, hoping that they will not transpire the same weekend.

While there is nothing my friends can do as I wait for the kidney stone to pass, I would be honored if you could help with me raise funds for cancer research. The money raised by the Pelotonia cycling tour is currently paying for research into preventing the spread and recurrence of ovarian cancer. There is other research into cell mutations that cause resistance to targeted therapy. There is research into nanomedicine to fight brain cancer tumors and they are this close to a blood test to detect lung cancer early.

Actually the researchers Ohio State pursue cancer cures from all directions. When graduate students are required to come up with ideas that save lives, a panel of experienced doctors choose and fund the most promising ideas. And not all, but some, pan out and have an impact in people’s lives.

Amber, a fellow road cyclist, was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in July 2016 and is still fighting. Last September, her 9-year-old daughter wrote her mom’s oncologist and offered to send cards to all his other cancer patients. To prevent Natalie from getting writer’s cramp, can you help me cure cancers like her mom’s so fewer of those cards have to be written?

If you can take a moment, point your browser to and click on “Donate to my ride” on the right. If you do, you’ll have my gratitude.

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