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Good morning, Vietnam!

Our Disneyworld trip in December was a “backup” vacation for us. We had planned to spend three weeks in Asia with girls visiting their birthplaces but it seemed, even as we were planning it, that perhaps not all of our girls were emotionally ready for the experience. So we made the switch to the happiest place on earth.

The girls had a good time, but we did realize that even just a week of constantly being on the go is a bit much. So we are splitting the 2009 trip to Asia in two. During Spring break we are taking Marissa, our almost 11-year-old, to Danang, Vietnam. The younger two are staying at home with grandma.

When we adopted Marissa a decade ago, we had no opportunity to meet her birth mother but since her address was on the paperwork, we wrote her when we got home. That is, after a year of mulling it over.

Marissa’s birth mother Hoi was grateful to hear from us. We were pleased too. With the help of a bilingual friend, we have exchanged a handful of letters and photos each year since. She was thrilled when we wrote to her last year telling her we were coming and she was disappointed to hear when we had to cancel.

So we are finalizing our itinerary and getting visas. This will be the first time Marissa will be out of the country since the age of 3 months. I don’t thing she’ll fit on the tray table this time.

It will be an experience for all three of us.

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