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Did you try the NORMAL way?

Well, this is my life. Every paragraph hits home. Chris does buy a lot of Chinese books and trinkets.

We do try very hard to expose them to their culture, but most of the Chinese people we expose them to are fellow adoptees. So much for authentic culture. Because of that, for the longest time they assumed being adopted implied you came from Asia (and vice versa).

We do have acquaintances who have adopted Caucasians (from Russia) but they don’t appear to have much interest in exposing their children to their heritage. I could see how some parents, whose children look like them, might have the desire to suppress their children’s original culture. And probably get away with it. The author of the article and I probably agree that this is not the best thing. I’m not even sure they know they are adopted. Not telling your child he or she is adopted is a big no-no. It betrays parental trust at a very emotional level. Only bad Disney movies (Snow Dogs and Country Bears to be specific) would suggest that lying to your adopted children about this is even an option.

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