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In between vacations

I’m back from the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure. I took Claire for the first half of last week on the tandem, then I took Katie for the second half. Marissa, who lost interest in cycling years ago, stayed home.  I’m now home for four days, just enough time to mow the lawn and pack, then most of the family is off to China. Marissa is staying home for this vacation too. Grandma and our security attack cat will keep her company.

We leave Thursday (6/30) morning and lose a day due to the time change and jet lag. We’ll be in Beijing for several days with the rest of our tour group of five(?) families. We split off from them the following Wednesday (7/6) to fly to Claire’s orphanage in Fuling. At the end of the week (7/8), we’ll take a train to Chengdu and rejoin the others. Spoiler alert: panda pictures may be posted.

A train on the following Tuesday (7/12) will take us to Guangzhou, the city where all international adoptions are completed. We end the tour after a trip to Katie’s orphanage in Maoming (7/14). We fly back on Sunday (7/17). I will be a walking zombie at work Monday because our flight gets in at midnight, if it is even on time.


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