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Not exactly a fair description

My wife and I took our girls to the Ohio State Fair. My middle daughter just loves horses so I made sure I took them to a horse judging competition. Our youngest was asleep in the stroller, so my wife stayed with her outside under a shade tree.

Inside, my daughter would point to one of the Belgian foals and then indicate that was her and another one was her sister. A few seconds lates she said they were ALL her. She really identifies with horses. At the end of the short competition, one of the resident nubile fair queens handed out ribbons to the top six of the eight horses. I mentioned that mommy was a fair queen when she was in school and she used have a crown and hand out the ribbons to the animals (rural Wyandot county in 1980). My daughters were impressed by the royalty in the family.

Later, at home, my wife asked her daughters about the horses she couldn’t see herself. And my daughter blurted “Mommy, you were Queen of the Circus!”

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