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The College Application Arms Race

Both of my two senior daughters were part of an academic signing ceremony. I applaud their guidance counselors for recognizing smart students (not just gifted athletes) who have earned large scholarships to college. The group of students in the tweet below may seem large, but it could have been larger. The school had to cut […]


Schoolwork from the Wolf

Claire is bringing home schoolwork that she has accumulated over the year: Dear Litt Red Riding HOOd I’m so sorry for eating you.I should be punished for a long time.I will never eat you again. I will just eat pinapl. From: Wolf


Ride of [Temporary] Silence

The Ride of Silence was started seven years ago in response to a Texas bicyclist who was killed by an automobile driver.  Over the years it has become an annual event in many cities across the United States, including Columbus.  This year we were remembering three riders who were killed by central Ohio motorists. It […]


Ladies and the Tramp

I have neighbor who has three daughters.    Ed’s youngest daughter is three years older than our oldest and they’ve been great role models to ours. When our girls were younger, their daughters would babysit for ours.  Later, our girls would show up at their backyard fence and beg to use their trampoline. For the past […]


Introduce a Father to Engineering Day

Two years ago I took my oldest daughter to Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day at Ohio State.  I shadowed Marissa as she learned about chemical and civil engineering by making bath soaps, ice cream and attempting to build a structure out of 3″x5″ index cards that would hold a stack of bricks six inches […]


Puddle Jumping

I did a 6-mile ride with Claire on the tandem this afternoon.  It was my usual short route out to a rural elementary school and back. To alleviate some of the boredom and to give the rider something to do (other than poking the cell phone in my back pocket), I put a speedometer on […]


Snow Angel

Claire loves playing outside in the snow.  She’ll roll around and try to catch snowflakes on her tongue. While I was shoveling the driveway, she was attempting to make a snowman.  It didn’t pack too well and I told her it looked like a Hershey’s Kiss.  When I was done shoveling, she put the officially […]


What did you learn?

Because first graders don’t always remember to share what the learn in school, each week Claire’s teacher sends home a summary of what the class discussed.  For the first week back at school, the first graders learned about Venn diagrams and germs.  She sent home what each child in the class remembered about the germ […]


Shooting Their Mouth Off

Unlike my previous Hondas, my current sedan has a decent audio system. The general consensus of the contributors to my car’s forum website is that this 1812 Overature DVD-Audio was the definitive recording to exercise its fidelity. Since it doesn’t play in normal CD players, it stays in my car. My girls call the first […]


And when it backfires?

I’m watching Herbie Fully Loaded with the girls. In the climatic race scene, the car leaks oil onto the racetrack and jeopardizes its position. As the camera cuts to a shot of the underside of the car with oil spilling from the oil pan, Claire exclaimed “Herbie’s PEEING!!!”


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