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Horse Camp

Tomorrow is the start of Katie’s week of Horse Camp at Autumn Rose Farm. It is taught by Ohio State’s Equestrian Team.

Horselover that she is, she has been looking forward to it for weeks, but at dinner today she was in a funk. She announced that she no longer liked horses and no longer wanted to go to horse camp. We were surprised. She said horses weren’t like people and you couldn’t invite them over to play. I asked if she wanted to go to “people camp” instead, but that didn’t lighten her mood.

When we asked the real reason why she was upset, she said we should know why, but alas Chris and I still had no clue. (Living with three teenagers is going to be FUN in a few years!)

Finally she opened up. She didn’t want to go to horse camp because “we wouldn’t let her bring one home.”

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