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Another request

I get a handful of these e-mails each year. This guy didn’t give up until it was too late.

Original e-mail:

From: Sundarram V. Paravastu []
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 12:31 PM
Subject: need help

hi ken,
i am a student
ur code for encoding was cool but i also need the decoder in java for my assignment
can u plz send me the code for the decoder it will be of great help to me.
thanking you.

keep klickin’

Air Conditioners and Computers are similar in some ways. Both are
useless when you open ‘Windows’.

My response:


I’m sure the professor wants to grade YOUR coding skills, not mine.


His response:

the thing is i dont know java properly and also dont have enough time for me to learn and then code. got to submit my assignment tomorrow. it will be of great help to
me if u give the code of the decoder.
thanx anyway

My second response:

Can you give me the e-mail address of your professor? I’d like to verify that this is okay with him.


i ll get screwed if u tell this to my prof.
i am basically a C programmer thats why i am asking ur help
i dont know much about java
i am planning to learn java but its a bit too late now


Somehow I doubt your professor gave you this assignment just today.
It appears your decision to procrastinate not learn Java has you screwed already.


i have to submit this assignment tomorrow and i dont kno a thing abt java
i would really appreciate if u give the code


You are asking a total stranger to help you cheat.


come on ken
u are just helping a needy student
and where does this word cheat fit in


I assume by the word “needy” you mean “lazy.”
You want to pass off my code as your own.
How can that not be considered cheating?


i wont tell that its totally my code
i will tell him that i fixed many bugs in code and that code is under gpl
will have ur name on the file
and this is not cheating
are u really a opensource programmer
if u r a opensource programmer may be u should share ur program with the community.

Me (after a google search):

The point of open source code is not for one person to do the homework for many.
The point of college is to learn a profession, not to learn how to search google and e-mail.

It would be a lie to tell your professor that you fixed many bugs in my code.
And with absolutely no Java experience, I find it offensive that you would claim to correct me.
I have contacted the professors at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering.


what have you done
you could have just turned me down
you have literally screwed me
how could you that
i am screwed

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One thought on “Another request
  • Scott says:

    “Please kind sir, send me your source code to help me cheat so as I might have your job at this same time next year.”