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Asking for the impossible

As parents with children of a different race, we are conscious of the times when the girls realize they are different than the midwestern, suburban kids around them.

When we take the girls to a pumpkin farm to ride around in barrels pulled by a tractor around a corn maze, eat popcorn and doughnuts, and play on bales of hay with two of their Vietnamese friends to celebrate the autumn moon festival, we really do mean well.

We just want the kids to be proud of their Asian heritage.

With Chris out of town and the fridge out of milk, I took the girls with me for a quick trip Kroger last night. Milk, a light bulb, and, because dad is a softy, Cheese Pringles.

We took the cosmetics aisle towards the back of the store where the milk was. Katie glanced over at the shelves and announced she wanted to dye her hair.

I started to gear up for the “you’re different, but wonderful just the way you are” speech when she continued…

“Yeah, I want to make my hair darker.”

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