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Another China Orphanage Post

Just when I though it couldn’t get more screwed up…

About two years ago, I wrote a blog entry about a gentleman who does research for parents of adopted Chinese girls. He did some work for us. I found out last week that he has a blog as well.

In the local paper last week, there was a Reuters article on child trafficking rings in China. Like most adoptive parents of Chinese girls, this made no sense to me. The vast majority of the girls in Chinese orphanages never get adopted so it seemed logical that with such a supply, the demand for blackmarket children would be non-existent.

Well our researcher explained the situation in an excellent post. I encourage everyone to read it.

Orphanage directors are now so dependent on fees from foreign adoptive parents, that the youngest and healthiest babies go overseas. Orphanages compete with each other for those dollars, and if an orphanage wants to have more “desirable” children available for foreign adoption, some directors find nefarious ways of obtaining them.

To the locals who want to adopt, those same fees that foreigners have no problem paying are prohibitive and the only alternative is to accept older or special needs children. With a black market, few Chinese couples are willing to adopt legally.

Meanwhile the population of older, hard-to-place children continues to grow.

When we were adopting Claire, we asked the Fuling director how many Chinese couples adopted from her orphanage.

She laughed and said, “None.

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