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“Pawprints will dance on our hearts forever”

I mentioned last September that BamBam had cancer would eventually need to be put to sleep.

Well today that time had come. The growth on the back of his neck had grown to the side of his head and, over the past few days, it had started having open sores. After dinner, we had a tearful talk with the girls that we would take him to the vet’s that night. Claire was oblivious to what was about to happen. We took a few last pictures and headed to the vet’s.

We were ushered to a private room at the office. Claire took her shoes off and rolled around on the Oriental carpet that was covered in animal hair. Still oblivious to everything.

The nurse took modeling clay impressions of BamBam’s paw so that the girls would have something tangible to remember him by.

The vet came into the room to console the girls, including Chris. She talked about ending the cat’s pain. Claire was occupied with a dog poster. The vet also mentioned that our house, without BamBam, would feel empty for awhile.

Marissa, pointing to Claire crawling around in front of the sofa, deadpanned, “not with her around.


Bam Bam's paw print

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2 thoughts on ““Pawprints will dance on our hearts forever”
  • Matt says:

    We euthanized our ‘Moggie’ a few years ago and she sent word that there’s catnip thicker than hairs on a mouse up there so I think BamBam will be right at home.

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