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5 cent visa photos

One by one, we are crossing off items for our trip to Vietnam.

We now have an English translation of the last letter from Marissa’s birthmother and we are in the process of having our letter back to her, announcing our travel plans, translated into Vietnamese.  We don’t know yet where Marissa’s brother lives, so hopefully we can adjust our plans.

We’ve made airline reservations for the flights over and back.  We are travelling through Chicago and Seoul and it’ll be about a day in travel time each way.

We will be applying for visas to enter Vietnam this week, but we first had to have passport pictures taken for the application.  Rather than pay $15 each for a couple of polaroids, I took pictures against a off-white wall and did the photoshop thing.  This (obviously a higher-res version), printed on 4″x6″ will yield six 5-cent 2″x2″ visa photos.


Chris took two pictures of me because she said I looked like a terrorist in the first one.  I should have photoshopped a haircut for myself.  At least I cropped out the numbers she had me hold up to my chest when the picture was taken.  :-)

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One thought on “5 cent visa photos
  • Donna says:

    FYI I’ve done this for US Passports twice. Unfortunately the Canadians require a studio’s stamp on the back.