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Non-Party Girl

I am not a fan of birthday party gift bags. Everyone gives them out nowadays, including Chris at our own daughters’ parties.  They have the feel of bribes to me.  What happened to going to a party simply to share in someone’s special day?  Perhaps I am bitter because no one gave them out when I attended birthday parties as a kid.

One of Marissa’s friends had a birthday party today.  Not even the lure of a gift bag and cake could motivate her to go, but mom insisted she go with her sister.  The mom had organized a dance party where the participants dressed up and learned a few dance moves and gave a little recital afterward.  They danced to Shrek and other songs.  The birthday girl had the microphone and was doing karaoke. A very nice idea, but I heard that Marissa was a stick in the mud while Chris was there.  She wouldn’t dress up or dance.  Katie thankfully got into it.

But both scored a gift bag nonetheless.  Katie got an award for “Best Body Moves.” I believe it: she has a low center of gravity and is a booty shaker.  Marissa got the “Most Creative Dance Steps” award.  This for doing absolutely nothing and being a snot about it.  I wasn’t there, but I kinda would have preferred that she had not gotten anything in return for her petulance.

But in the still of the evening Marissa, in her pink jammies, grabbed her drawing notebook and sat down at the kitchen table.  Unprompted and in minute detail, she drew a girl in high heels, microphone in hand on a lighted stage.  Stars surrounded the stage and little notes were sprinkled in the air.

She had had a good time, but could not come to admit it in front of her mother.

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