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A non-blog entry?

Can I blog something without calling it a blog entry?  It is late here in Hanoi after lots of non-emotional things today.  I did get a souvenir that I’m sure will break before it reaches Ohio.

This is an abbreviated blog entry because tomorrow we rise at 5am for a day trip to Halong Bay.  Our Hanoi guide says we’ll get back to the hotel around 8pm.  I checked our flight home and the first leg to Seoul departs at 12:40am. Anti-meridian.  This was news to our guide, Chris and me!  So we will only have a couple of hours to shower and pack before heading to the airport.  26 hours after that, we will be at home.

It is possible, unless there is an available power outlet in the Seoul airport, that this lame blog posting will be the last one of the trip. The list of things on this vacation to blog about continues to grow however, so I will probably dribble out more anecdotes for a few days at least after we get back, in the meantime I’ll leave you with this tidbit:

Ri sent his very first e-mail to us… In English.

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