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Red Alert

When I was in diapers (in my pre-blogging days), they were cloth. My girls never had an option, disposables are too convenient. They can absorb a ton nowadays and still feel pretty dry. And that is the problem. There is no motivation for toddlers to toilet train themselves. Slowly over the years, the average age for toilet training has gotten older.

Three-year-old Claire is now in size 5 diapers; that’s for 26 to 40 pounds. (I believe that refers to the baby’s weight, but I have not tested that assumption.) That is typically the size that toddler’s age out of diapers.

Claire LOVES Dora the Explorer. And last time Chris went to the store, she got Dora the Explorer diapers. Big five inch picture of Dora on the front of them. Claire has been eyeing the package each time she gets out of the bathtub, but we’re still working our way through the Sesame Street package. Claire was really looking forward to urinating on her favorite animated friend, so we took the package to Grandma’s when she spent a few days there this past week.

The Dora the Explorer diapers aren’t your run-of-the-mill diapers. They are Pamper’s brand new “Feel ‘n Learn“(tm) line. And what is the amazing new breakthrough? When they are wet, they actually FEEL wet. I kid you not. They have a have “Wet Sensation Liner”(tm) that stays wet against the kid’s crotch. And this is considered an advancement!

But there is one feature they didn’t advertise on the packaging. At grandma’s, those diapers were the only ones around, so that’s what Claire wore at night. In the interest of full disclosure I think the tag should be:

“Feel ‘n Learn: now with a Diaper Rash Inducing Strip(tm)”

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