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Lunchtime options

My standard lunchtime routine is to eat 20 crackers and an apple at my desk while surfing a little. Sad, I know.

But today I had a second lunchtime option: Play soccer with my co-workers. They are all about half my age, and when I play with them, I feel even older. So that wasn’t too appealling.

But today I had a third lunchtime option: Go to my standing Wednesday lunch with my former co-worker cronies. To me, time is never wasted when it is spent in good conversation with friends. Also, they are the only ones to read this blog regularly. Although I don’t know why, we often end up talking about body fluids. So that looked like a good option.

But today I had a fourth lunchtime option: Go biking. It was a really nice day out and I didn’t want to turn down the opportunity to ride even for just an hour. I am also starting to panic because GOBA is about a month away and I’ve only been on my bike three times this year.

So which option did I go with?

Option five: Picking up Katie up at elementary school. She had thrown up and had a temperature so the school nurse called. With Chris at work downtown, I was closer to the school. I took Katie home and waited for Chris to come home.

The sacrifices a father must make. (And Chris doesn’t even read my blog.)

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