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Got Stuck

While Marissa and Katie have largely outgrown theirs, Claire is now in the throes of a major sticker fetish.

We’ve got a drawer in the kitchen for coloring books and another for stickers. From the first drawer, Claire will take a piece of printer paper, recycled from our computer’s printer, and put stickers from the second drawer all over the blank backside. She will then color all over it. Claire’s scribbling appears to be pretty abstract.

Claire will then fold the paper several times and shove it into an envelope lifted from the bedroom. Unaware that envelopes can be licked shut, Claire will use even more stickers to seal the envelope. She will then present the envelope for me to open.

While it wastes more envelopes that I would like, it is a harmless creative outlet for a three-year-old.

Claire found another stash of stickers recently in the bedroom. She must have liked them because she was sticking them on not just envelopes. In keeping with last week’s holiday, the stickers had US flags on them.

But when she presented her latest artwork to me, I was taken aback.

All the little square stickers she used had the number 37 in the lower left corner.

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