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Marissa and Peter Jennings

Shortly after I got my PC four years ago, I transfered the video of my adoption trips to Vietnam and China onto my computer. I then spent more money that I care to admit (the stuff is much cheaper now) on software and hardware to edit the video. I turned two hours of wobbly video into two 20-minute wobbly videos. But with cross fades and a running commentary! One each for Marissa and Katie.

I added treacly theme music as well. The song that plays off and on during Marissa’s video is Slumber My Darling from Yo Yo Ma’s Appalachian Journey. Katie’s is Taking You Home from Don Henley’s Inside Job.

During dinner last night, we had World News Tonight on and in the closing moments of the newscast, they showed scenes of the memorial service for Peter Jennings. During one of the scenes, they played the Yo Yo Ma redition.

Marissa, who was pushing around the vegetarian lasagna on her plate, perked up: “They’re playing my song!”

Okay, now I officially feel guilty for not having started Claire’s video yet.

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