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Jasmine, Lemon, Guarana and … Pepperoni

If Claire has been an especially adventuresome at daycare the learning center, we wipe her down at night before sending her off to bed.

More specifically, Chris tells me to prepare a warm, soapy washcloth and she washes Claire’s face and hands.

I’m really good at this trivial task. I soak the washcloth in really hot water in the master bathroom, so by the time reaches the family room it is still toasty warm.

Chris had a specific request last night. She wanted me to use the Embrace Happiness body wash from a free sample packet she was given recently. It seemed like a silly name, but I dutifully complied.

When the washcloth was presented they, once again, went on about how nice and warm it was. They also remarked how nicely smelling it was.

Now, for those who don’t know me well, I have no sense of smell. But eager to bond with my four-year-old, I asked Claire what it smelled like.

Claire remarked that it smelled “real good.” When I pressed her again, on WHAT it smelled like, her response was a cheerful:

It smells like PIZZA!

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