Huffman Coding

… with a bunch of Family Stuff too

She will resent me later on because of this

Taking Claire to daycare the learning center today, we passed a few Canada Geese in front of a nursing home…

Claire: “‘Not one’ goose is ‘geese.’

Me, giving positive reinforcement to her understanding of irregular plurals: “Why, yes!

I continue driving…

Claire: “What is a baby goose called?

Me, relishing in this teaching moment: “A ‘gosling.’

We turn the corner at the local high school as kids are crossing the intersection…

Claire: “What is a baby duck called?

Me: “A ‘duckling.’

We pass by the middle school and spot a handicap-capable school bus…

Claire: “What’s a little bus called?

Me, not skipping a beat: “A ‘busling.’

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