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Ladies and the Tramp

I have neighbor who has three daughters.    Ed’s youngest daughter is three years older than our oldest and they’ve been great role models to ours.

When our girls were younger, their daughters would babysit for ours.  Later, our girls would show up at their backyard fence and beg to use their trampoline.

For the past four years, Marissa has wanted her own trampoline.  The trek three doors down has, apparently, been very arduous.  We relented on her January birthday and I said I’d get one as soon as the weather warmed up.

I looked at the local sporting goods store and the only one they had in stock looked overpriced for its size and quality.  They had a wider selection online, but no one in their right mind would buy one over the Internet because the shipping on a $300 trampoline is $170.

At the local wholesale club they had one that was larger and nicer.  With sales tax instead of shipping, it was also cheaper.  So this morning we started assembling it.

Claire playing with the trampoline box

Claire playing with the trampoline box

Assembling a trampoline was pretty quick and the girls helped putting the puzzle pieces together, but once the jumping surface was attached they stopped assisting me. I ended up attaching the padding and enclosure by myself.

Marissa invited a friend over and all the pre-teen kids on the cul-de-sac bounced, in different permutations, all afternoon.

Marissa, her friend, and a vibrating Claire

Marissa, one of her friends, and a vibrating Claire

After watching everyone bounce, I felt motivated to exercise too.   While waiting for my bike computer to initialize, I glanced over to Ed’s house.  Now that his girls were older, he had begun to disassemble his trampoline.

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