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Incheon Our Way There

Chris woke up Monday morning at 4:15am.  I had the luxury of sleeping in until 4:30.  The flight leaving Chicago was at 12:15pm, but when we made our reservations in late winter to adjust for a gymnastics meet, all from flights from Columbus to Chicago at a reasonable hour were all sold out.  This left us with a very early flight and a four hour layover in O’Hare.

The American Airlines agent in Columbus decided to mis-tag our luggage for baggage claim in Incheon.  Too bad our final destination is Ho Chi Minh City some 2000 miles away.  The Korean Airlines agent in Chicago printed new luggage tags with the proper destination and we hope they found there way onto our four bags before they left the states.  If not, we’ll be wearing these clothes for a third day.

The Korean Air flight attendants have uniforms straight out of the fifties.  Satin and polyester blouses. Hair in a bun and ribbon. High heels.  Starched scarves and collars.  Their business class, which we aren’t riding, is called “Morning Calm Club.”  In coach, I dined on Seaweed Soup and Bibimbap.  The few Caucasians on the flight we given assembly instructions on how to mix the dish from the neatly partitioned ingredients on the plate.  It came with Gochujang (Korean Hot Pepper Paste) that came in a little toothpaste-like squeeze container.  The flight attendant warned me not use very much.  I ignored her advice.  The Kimchee was spicier.  Chris had the “beef,” a typical Western airline dish.  Marissa had the Bibimbap, because she avoids meat unless it is in McNugget form.

Marissa is enjoying the novelty of the seat-back LCD screens.  I watched Rachel Getting Married and went the other direction with Happy-Go-Lucky.  Don’t know if there could be two anymore different movies.

We are currently in the Seoul/Incheon airport hoping our bags are being transferred for us to the next stop.  Not willing to exit the security area and check baggage claim.

I have been awake, officially for 24 hours and one minute.  Six to go.  (Hours, that is)

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2 thoughts on “Incheon Our Way There
  • Jane Kuzma says:

    Good morning everyone! I’ve been watching and waiting for your adventure to begin. Umm, hope you are NOT wearing the same clothes. Take care, post when you can, and know that we are all thinking of you each and every day.

  • Florida relatives says:

    Hi Uncle Ken and Aunt Chris and Marissa,
    We hope you find your luggage and we are guessing you are tired and Smelly (from Marcia) Mattie and Joseph say hi and have a good trip. We decided NOT to go to Disney, too much for Dad. Love from Grandad and Grandma.