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Under the Tuscan Sun

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I follow a few bicycling blogs.  Probably the most enjoyable for me is and not just because I am Fat and a Cyclist.  That’s just a coincidence.  Elden posts pictures and videos about his rides in Utah, funny stories on how to buy the right bike, and the shelf life of gummi-based nutritional supplements. Meaningful stuff.

What comes through in his postings is that he is a real nice guy and a loving father and husband.  In between his rants about overpriced bike clothes, he shares what it feels like to care for a spouse living with cancer.  Really meaningful stuff.  Susan is blessed to have that particular blogging cyclist as a caring husband.  And while I just walk around wearing a yellow wristband, he helps raise tens hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer support and research.

A few days ago, “Fatty” and Dorothy Gibson and Cicloposse (and several other readers who donated frequent flyer miles) got together for a contest: Donate to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and be entered in a raffle for a chance to win a cycling vacation in Italy. Since I’ve always wanted to cycle in Europe, I was one of hundreds of people earlier this week that helped them reach their goal of $5000.

And yesterday when my wife and I got home from a local production of Rent, there was a message on the answering machine from Dorothy telling me I was the winner.   With Fatty’s post today, I suppose it is official.  In his post he mused over the many good things for the week.  My raffle win is mentioned as #8.  It pales in comparison to the importance of #6: His wife made out of bed to watch TV with her family.

Win Susan.

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