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Itinerary set in [cobble] stone

My wife and I have completed our arrangements for cycling in Italy.  Originally I was planning on taking Katie, the second most seasoned cyclist in the family with hundreds of miles under her feet, but Chris could not turn down a trip to Italy.  So Katie was bumped.

Understandably, my young stoker is a little disappointed.  But if that is the case, Chris is okay with that.

My wife hadn’t cycled appreciably since we got married, so she had to get back into the swing of things.  She bought some cycling shorts and I got touring shoes and pedals for her and has been cycling on the local bike path a few days a week.  Nothing like the hills of Siena, but it is a start.  When she felt comfortable with her progress, I starting planning the trip with CicloposseChris Daguanno was kind enough to donate and arrange for the flights.  Meanwhile I’ve been rescheduling my fall dental appointment, notifying the credit card companies of our imminent travel, and changing my PC’s desktop background to a landscape of Val D’Orcia.  Yes, I know I’m getting off easy.

After the plans were finalized, Chris has discovered that perhaps this was quite a bit of training to do in the span of just eight weeks.  While I ride along side her at her pace and I’ve waited at the top of hills, she doesn’t find cycling the rolling roads of southern central Ohio as enjoyable as I do.  I’m looking forward to the trip, especially the days I cycle.  Chris is looking forward to the trip too, especially the days she doesn’t cycle.

I hope she isn’t disappointed.  But if that is the case, I’m okay with that.

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