Huffman Coding

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Boxes and Arrows

I won this Italian cycling vacation in a Livestrong raffle and it is due to the generosity of many people, most especially the tour operator, Cicloposse, which is owned by a husband and wife in Pienza.  She does all the correspondence; I think I have about thirty emails in my gmail account helping me figure […]


Sleeping al fresco

There is a fresco in our hotel room.  It is in the corner of the front room and under glass while the rest of the room is finished.  It has deteriorated quite a bit since the 15th century, but you can make out a cherub and what I think is the Papal crest. Pienza was […]


Falling over but intact

My wife is exhausted from 22 hours of traveling. Car. Plane. Plane. Plane. Taxi. Train. Taxi. Chris, the sane one, is pooped and resting in the hotel room but I, on the other hand, am wide awake and psyched.  Starting tomorrow it is: Bike, Bike, Bike… On the flight over to Europe, I had a […]


Itinerary set in [cobble] stone

My wife and I have completed our arrangements for cycling in Italy.  Originally I was planning on taking Katie, the second most seasoned cyclist in the family with hundreds of miles under her feet, but Chris could not turn down a trip to Italy.  So Katie was bumped. Understandably, my young stoker is a little […]


Under the Tuscan Sun

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I follow a few bicycling blogs.  Probably the most enjoyable for me is and not just because I am Fat and a Cyclist.  That’s just a coincidence.  Elden posts pictures and videos about his rides in Utah, funny stories on how to buy the right bike, […]