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Falling over but intact

My wife is exhausted from 22 hours of traveling. Car. Plane. Plane. Plane. Taxi. Train. Taxi. Chris, the sane one, is pooped and resting in the hotel room but I, on the other hand, am wide awake and psyched.  Starting tomorrow it is: Bike, Bike, Bike…

On the flight over to Europe, I had a chance to watch the Hanna Montana movie on 5 inch screen from 8 feet away, but I chose to sleep instead. You know you’ve been traveling alot when your wife remarks, in all seriousness, that there are only 7 more hours left in the flight. It took way too long to get through Frankfurt security during its Monday morning rush hour, but they held the tiny plane to Florence for us and a dozen others (I’m guessing).

We took the train from Florence to Chiusi and, with the help of two strangers, found out which track to stand on. I for the life of me couldn’t figure out where that was documented on the ticket or the gigantic posted schedule. A particularly unhelpful person at one of train stations took one of our bags (the lighter one) out of Chris’s hands, carried it 30 feet, then demanded 3 euro ($4.50) for the privilege. Ug. I have also learned to say “metered, please” before entering a taxi.  Lessons learned.

The road to the hotel was blocked when we arrived due to an open air market, so we had to drive around on some narrow cobblestone roads to get here.  This village defines gorgeous and quaint.

The bottom legs on Chris’s heavier bag have broken off and it no longer stands upright, but I’m not concerned as the contents are still intact. After viewing the steep hills from Chiusi to Pienza from the back of a taxi, I doubt I will be standing upright either by the end of the week. But I hope to keep my contents intact too.

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