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Incheon Our Way There

Chris woke up Monday morning at 4:15am.  I had the luxury of sleeping in until 4:30.  The flight leaving Chicago was at 12:15pm, but when we made our reservations in late winter to adjust for a gymnastics meet, all from flights from Columbus to Chicago at a reasonable hour were all sold out.  This left […]


5 cent visa photos

One by one, we are crossing off items for our trip to Vietnam. We now have an English translation of the last letter from Marissa’s birthmother and we are in the process of having our letter back to her, announcing our travel plans, translated into Vietnamese.  We don’t know yet where Marissa’s brother lives, so […]


My daughter’s new sister-in-law

In the first letter she sent to us, Marissa’s birthmother let us know that she had another child, Ri, fifteen years older than our daughter.  For the first few years when he lived at home, he would read the letters we sent in Vietnamese and help her write letters back. We learned a several years […]


Good morning, Vietnam!

Our Disneyworld trip in December was a “backup” vacation for us. We had planned to spend three weeks in Asia with girls visiting their birthplaces but it seemed, even as we were planning it, that perhaps not all of our girls were emotionally ready for the experience. So we made the switch to the happiest […]


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