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Asking for the impossible

As parents with children of a different race, we are conscious of the times when the girls realize they are different than the midwestern, suburban kids around them. When we take the girls to a pumpkin farm to ride around in barrels pulled by a tractor around a corn maze, eat popcorn and doughnuts, and […]


Probably not a Freudian Slip

Yesterday as Emily, our next door neighbor and occasional babysitter, walked home after watching the girls for the afternoon, Claire cheerfully yelled out the living room window: “Goodbye, Enemy!”


Tomorrow, Polymorphism

While putting the girls to bed, Marissa asked if I fixed computers all day. I clarified that I taught computers how to do things for a living. I also mentioned that computers don’t speak English but they have there own language. I said I knew about 6 computer languages. Katie then asked me how to […]


Anatomy for a second grader

Katie: “What’s your dickens?” Me: “What?” Katie: “You know, like ‘You scared the dickens out of me!’”


Marissa and Peter Jennings

Shortly after I got my PC four years ago, I transfered the video of my adoption trips to Vietnam and China onto my computer. I then spent more money that I care to admit (the stuff is much cheaper now) on software and hardware to edit the video. I turned two hours of wobbly video […]


Bottom of the 9th

Unlike his usual self, BamBam has been pleasant to everyone lately. Chris committed to him before she committed to me. I was however at the humane society when she picked him out. I thought our relationship was serious enough at the time to steer her towards a cat that would match my off-white carpet. We […]


Non-competitive Game

Best way to play musical chairs? Use more chairs than people.


Blown out of Proportion

I’m reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to Marissa and Katie. We are up to the chapter where Hagrid, the Hogwarts caretaker, is taking Harry to get his magic wand. They are taking the train to London and, because he is a giant twice the size of regular humans, the book describes Hagrid taking […]


Out of her sight, Out of her mind

When Claire does not want her teeth brushed or her poopy diaper changed, she will run to the front of the house to hide. The tighter she twists the curtains around her, the harder she is trying to hide from us. Yesterday she figured out another way to thwart our attempts to locate her. When […]


Didn’t get that from me

Wednesday Chris took the girls to the pediatrician as Katie has strep. In the waiting room, Claire reported that she had picked a booger. Chris frantically went looking for a facial tissue to capture it, but by the time she found one, Claire announce to everyone in the waiting room: “I ate it!” At the […]


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